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There is a course for everyone and for every budget. We at MAAC has designed courses to fit the need of every individual considering the length and budget. Multimedia consist of various fields i.e. 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Graphic Design, Web Design, Architectural Design and Digital Film Making. All these courses are available in various duration and all budgets. There are over 20 different courses for different subjects so we can provide you with some suggestive prices of the courses.

  • For 3D animation course 65,000 to 2,50,000.
  • Visual Effects (VFX) 50,000 to 2,50,000.
  • Graphic design, multimedia and Web Designcourses 30,000 to 1,40,000.
  • Gaming course 30,000 to. 1,45,000.
  • All in One 3 years course 3,50,000 (approx.)
  • Short term. courses 7000 to 90,000.
  • All MAAC course fee prises are usually revised in the new financial year from April, May or June.

As mentioned above that there are different prices for different courses similarly there are different durations for different needs. Our courses starts from a minimum of 6 months to about 2 years depending upon the curriculum. It is always a good idea to consult with MAAC course counsellor to understand the course that suits you best. You may give a call right away to 88000 91500 to speak to one of our representative.

We take placements very seriously and take complete care that the student who is passing out of MAAC Kamla Nagar gets placed comfortably at a good starting salary.

We provide placement support for all our courses may it be placement in animation course or placement in web design or graphic design courses, film making or other.

We prepare for your placements. Yes, that’s true we do preparation for your successful placement i.e. about 3 months before the completion of your course we gather PIF forms from our students who are about to go for placements. This helps us bifurcate the companies coming for recruitments according to the skills of our student. We also start a Career Development Training (CDT) where we teach all skills related to interviews, communication, etiquettes, showreel designing etc.so that you get placed successfully.

We are also open for our students who needs placement related support even if he/she was placed earlier or years ago.

The media industry is one of the wealthiest industries worldwide. The media definitely involves multimedia which contains animation, visual effects, Graphic, Web and Gaming too. Gaming is emerging as one the world’s most revenue generating industry and India being the top outsourcing destination, it has generated a lot of jobs here in India.

Talking about outsourcing if we look through the credits of any Animation and Visual effects movie from Hollywood you would find the names of Indian Artist and India production houses. So rest assured the career opportunities in Animation and Multimedia has just started to take off and there is a long way to go.

We have taught everything related to Animation and Multimedia. We had taught one the most respected Degree course in 3D Animation and Visual Effect in association with India’s largest Open University IGNOU.

If you trust our words we always recommended for MAAC Career course even though the difference in course fee was of double. The IGNOU course was expensive.

Why do we recommend MAAC Career Course over any Degree course?

There are various reasons.

  • Being the pioneer and masters of the field we get to choose our syllabus unlike the degree course which may be rigid.
  • We can constantly upgrade our course based on the industry requirement but it’s a long process with degree.
  • We need to rush through the course in every semester of degree course because of the examinations that are held after each semester but we can take our time in teaching the students and give them extensive practice time for a better understanding.
  • The difference in fee or a degree course and a career course is also an important aspect as mostly the degree courses cost higher amount.
  • Industry requires skills. We know the industry closely and we know what they need. Trust us they will keep your degree behind and look for your animation or multimedia abilities first.

According to a surveys by Businessinsider.in, CareerIndia.com, Indiaeducation.net and many others MAAC has been rated as the top 2 Animation and Visual effects institute. We at MAAC Kamla Nagar take pride that our facility, infrastructure and faculties in Delhi is one of the biggest. We have a pool of experienced faculties who have proven record in the industry and also in the field of training.

Well this is one of the burning questions of all times if you are seeking for the best animation and visual effects institute.

MAAC and Arena are the two major nationalised academies or institutes presently available in India. Firstly to answer this question from a neutral perspective we would suggest you to visit both the centers on your own and check it out for yourself.

We can put a few key differences that set us apart.MAAC and Arena are the two major nationalised academies or institutes presently available in India. Firstly to answer this question from a neutral perspective we would suggest you to visit both the centers on your own and check it out for yourself.

We can put a few key differences that set us apart.

  • MAAC is the pioneer of Animation & Visual Effects in India. That mean we were the first academy to bring Animation & Visual Effects (VFX) education in India. So this suggests we are one of the most experienced in this domain.
  • MAAC holds one of the biggest Animation and VFX events of the country which is 24FPS International Animation Awards. You can do a search on Youtube and see the level of the event for yourself. The top experts from the industry are the jury members of 24FPS and they call this award as the Filmfare of Animation industry.
  • Beside the 24FPS MAAC has lots of remarkable events for the development of the students like National Students Meet (NSM), Srijan Student Art Gallery exhibition, MAAC Creative League (MCL) where students gets a chance to win bundles of prizes based on their work submission and many other.
  • With all this MAAC ascertain that creative knowledge cannot be instilled in someone giving the classroom teaching only but they need to be put into a creative environment.

MAAC Kamla Nagar has completed 13 years excellence in this domain. There are various events beside the national events that we hold throughout the year for the creative development of students.

  • MAAC Kamla Nagar takes pride in having one of the most experienced faculties who have won awards in their respective fields.
  • We have one of the biggest and the best infrastructure across all other centers.
  • The director of MAAC Kamla Nagar has a creative vision for his students and has completed education in the field of Multimedia from Australia over 13 years ago. His vision is more towards student development rather than pure business unlike other Animation & VFX centres. We have implemented techniques.
  • Various events like Hoonar Student Gallery Exhibition, Industry Expert workshops, Studio Visits are held at MAAC Kamla Nagar.